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VRML Plug-in for Realsoft 3D

VRML plug-in allows you to load and save standard VRML97 (or VRML 2.0) ASCII format files.

The plug-in is available for i386 based Windows operating systems.

It supports most of the objects in Realsoft 3D and in VRML.

Basic key frame animations can also be exported.

Importing and exporting can be customized with various parameters, which can be changed from the load and save file dialog.

The VRML plugin adds new object types for nodes that are found in VRML but do not have a corresponding object in Realsoft3D (e.g. Anchor).

This is a downloadable product: you will be able to download it from our web shop as soon as we have processed your order. You will receive download instructions by e-mail.

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