Chapter 1. Readme

Version 8.2.37 (documentation updated 2018-12-07 10:42:51)

Welcome to Realsoft 3D Version 8!

This readme file describes improvements and bug fixes in Realsoft 3D version 8. If this is the first time you use the software, the tutorials of this User Manual help you to get started. Remember to register at! It qualifies you for technical support, upgrade announcements, special customer discounts and an access to free software updates. After installing the program, you can send us your contact details easily using the pull down menu Help/Realsoft in the Web/Register.

Thank you for choosing Realsoft 3D!

New Global Illumination System

Powerful global illumination solution based on photon level simulation added. The tool features new innovations such as baking of prefiltered illumination for extra fast animation renders.

Courtesy of Pixel Perfect

Some examples of the options:

Distributed Post Processing

Post processing render engine now automatically distributes effects applied to fully composed images. Time consuming effects such as glow now render 2-8 times faster, depending on the number of cores in the CPU.

Rotate & Extend Tool

New transformation tool 'Rotate & Extend' from Real3D™ Version 3 plugged in. The tool allows you to both rotate and scale object in one go.

Move-to Transformation Tool

Move-to transformation tool added. Click a point and all the selected objects are moved into the specified position.

Position Mark Measurement Tools

Position Mark measurement tool lets the user to displace the label and the dot visualizing the actual position to be measured. To achieve this switch to edit mode, and drag the position handle with the mouse to displace it from the label. Furthermore, there is a 'Style' option to show only the label, both the label and the position dot, or in displaced case render arrow head line from label to the position mark.

Nurbs Extrude Tool

NURBS Extrude tool optimized for objects with zero extrusion depth. When the depth is set to zero the tool creates only trimmed surfaces.

Progressive Image Rendering

The user can now define a sequence of render settings for view windows, for example:

  1. draft quality rendering (typically 1 seconds/view)

  2. medium quality rendering (typically 10/seconds view)

  3. good quality rendering (typically 1 minute/view)

View rendering automatically steps through the defined render quality sequence.

View Navigation

The mouse wheel now zooms the view about the mouse pointer. This reduces the need to pan after zoom.

Left and Right Shift modifiers control now different things. Left Shift + dragging with the Right Mouse Button zooms in / out. Right Shift + Right Mouse Button controls the distance (moves the camera closer to or away from the current aimpoint).

Basic 3DConnexion™ 3D-mouse support added for view navigation control. The View Control group in the Environment/Customization/Available Objects window contains four new tools for enabling panning, zooming and rotation effects on View windows.

Note that this toolset is loaded and available only when a 3D mouse device is plugged in.

Editing Numeric Input Fields with Mouse Wheel

Mouse wheel support added for numeric input fields. The wheel changes the digit under the mouse. This provides a fast and productive way for editing the values without the keyboard.

DPI Awareness for High Resolution Screens

Realsoft 3D V8 is DPI aware: it scales user interface elements to match the detected monitor resolution. Scaling applies to tool button icons, 3D handles and respective thresholds used for detecting when mouse is placed over the handle.

The default operating system detected scaling factor can be overridden with a new 'dpi' parameter. For example, to force DPI to 128, add -dpi 128 to the Realsoft 3D launching shortcut.

    c:\Program Files\Realsoft\Realsoft 3D_64_V8.exe -dpi 128

If the underlying operating system does not support DPI awareness 96 dots per inc is assumed.

SVG Icons

Version 8 includes a new icon set based on SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) format. SVG icons can be freely scaled to any size without loss of quality.

Courtesy of Andy Jones, Shooting Pixels Photography
Courtesy of Andy Jones, Shooting Pixels Photography

Chrono Multi-body Dynamics

Chrono™ - the powerful multibody dynamics tool set is included with Realsoft 3D V8

Chrono integration has been improved. All Chrono objects now maintain initial state. There is a new tool 'Set Initial' for Chrono body object.

Dynatomic™ Toolset

Dynatomic™, an advanced dynamic simulation system for soft-semirigid interacting models, clothes and garments integrated with Realsoft 3D.

Revolution4D Toolset

Revolution 4D plugin for importing and exporting various CAD formats, such as STEP and STL, included.

Import/Export Formats

FBX format introduces several bug fixes and a few improvements. It now supports native NURBS curves and can automatically convert analytic objects to NURBS meshes for export. Please note that this feature is still under development and does not support trim curves, materials nor animations yet.

Improvements to Wavefront OBJ format

Support for exporting STL format geometry for 3D printing.

User Interface Improvements

Many tools support now context sensitive options more comprehensively for maximally fluent work flow.

GUI colors can now be controlled in the Preferences window.

The colors can also be overriden using startup arguments:

-vbg 0xrrggbb

View background color

-bg 0xrrggbb

Background color for other windows

-fg 0xrrggbb

Foreground color (color for text)

-bg 0xrrggbb

Bottom shadow color

-ts 0xrrggbb

Top shadow color

-ibg 0xrrggbb

Input background color

-scheme name

for selecting predefined color sets. The parameter value 'name' can be black, dark, light, white, blue, green.

The default view window background color can also be overridden for a specific view by setting 'Custom background color' checkbox in the View Property Window's Draw tab.


Ffmpeg plugin introduces several improvements.

Pixel-format control added.

Predefined quality and Video System options provide a more intuitive user interface.

Ffmpeg libraries upgraded to the most recent versions available.

Software Updater

Realsoft 3D contains software updater which can detect, download and install new Realsoft 3D versions.

The software updater is configured for manual operation by default. It can be activated by selecting Help/Realsoft on the Web/Check for updates pull-down menu. You can also ask the operating system to start it automatically when booting up, in which case the software updater process runs on the background and uses task bar icon to notify you when new updates become available.

For more information consult the User Manual

Context Sensitive Control Bar

Context sensitive Control Bar has been extended to provide the user with frequently needed tools and options for most commonly needed geometric objects.

For example, select an 'extrude' object and the toolbar automatically shows options extrusion depth, beveling radius and other extusion specific controls.

Support for Solaris 10

Beta version for Solaris 10 operating systems is available.

Realsoft 3D on Solaris 10 CDE